This is the first grade that takes away all the subjectivity behind grading, by simply using the number of sessions it took Adam Ondra to climb a particular route or boulder. The system aims to eradicate differing opinions and bring you one objective number. A number that once has been set, is set in stone (literally) forever.

It can also apply to all rock types, route types and areas, therefore eliminates the need to constantly have to translate V11 to 8A and 5.13d to 8b, for example. It’s a universal system that is understood across the globe.

The grading system has now been approved by Adam Ondra. See the table below for how the Grading system works

Real life examples:

DNA (7a) = O -2 –

Bourinator (8a) = O -1

Mind Control (8c) = O0

Il Domani (9a) = O0+

Super Crackinette (9a+) = O0+

Just do it (8c+) = O0+

Sensacion del Bloque (9a) = O1+

Bon Voyage (9a) = O3

La Dura Dura (9b+) = O42+

Silence (9c) = O60

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