Basic finger cracks – Tutorial

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In this video download the Wide Boyz take you through the hand techniques used to master finger crack climbing.

Running Time – 25:18

Content covered:

1. Standard finger jams

  • Thumbs down jamming
  • Thumbs up (or pinkies down) jamming
  • uses of the index finger and thumb
  • tips when the pinkie finger doesn’t fit


2. Tips finger jams

  • thumbs down tips
  • thumbs up (or pinkies down) tips jamming


3. The difference in finger sizes within finger cracks


1 review for Basic finger cracks – Tutorial

  1. Haiqual (verified owner)

    I haven’t seen the movie because I couldn’t download it. the problem was not on my side, I checked my transfer and internet speed and ping. Everything was fine . Despite this, I couldn’t download the movie to the end.

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