Crack Care and Repair

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Wide Boyz have teamed with the popular climbing skin care company, Rhino Skin Solutions, to give you the perfect blend of care and repair for those hard days crack climbing. In recent years this combination of products are what the Wide Boyz have used on dusty trips to the desert, to hard days training in a dirty Sheffield cellar. Skin management and care in crack climbing is essential if you want to make the most of a trip, a training session, or just a single day out at the crag. There’s no hero in being bloody, wounded and not being able to climb after 1 day out at the crag. Tape up, take care.

1. Dry out your palms and finger tips with Rhino Skin Dry, to give you perfect friction in those hand jams. Remember, you don’t want sweaty palms when this is your main point of contact in a jam

2. Tape up your hands with Wide Boyz Tape and taping instructions. See this product as a single HERE

3. Use the Rhino Hand Sanitiser to clean any scrapes and cuts on your hands after a climbing session. A useful product on the road, when cleaning facilities may not be readily available.

4. Use Rhino Skin non greasy Repair Cream to hydrate and strengthen, worn or sore skin.

5. If you’ve had a crack battle or unfortunate flapper accident, use the Rhino Skin Split balm for extra healing power on these tender areas

Comes with:
– 1 x Wide Boyz tape
– 1 x Wide Boyz taping instructions
– 1 x Wide Boyz tape tin
– 1 x Rhino Skin Dry
– 1 x Rhino Skin Hand Sanitiser
– 1 x Rhino Skin Repair
– 1 x Rhino Skin Split



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    Rhinoskin care and wideboyz tape. Match made in the depths of a grimy crevice to revive those tired mitts.

  5. Till Heiden (verified owner)

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    Order got cancelled, ignore rating!

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