The Crack Sucker

The Crack Sucker is NOW HERE. This moisture wicking rock vacuum, sucks water off the rocks surface helping cracks to dry out, enabling you to get back climbing quicker. Scroll down for product features and to purchase.

The Crack Sucker features:

  • Extendable vacuum head to easily reach inside wet cracks and dry up unwanted moisture
  • Thin profiled vacuum head to penetrate all widths from tips to offwidth cracks
  • Soft rubberised brushing surface to be gentle against the rock
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Slingable handle for harness attachment
  • Battery powered for ease of use at the crag

If you’ve got this far and still believe this, you’ve been well and truly ‘April fooled’, sorry. There is no such thing as a rock vacuum, let your crack dry naturally and respect the rock type you’re climbing on.

Anybody who has read to here, there is a 10% discount code to use in our shop (this is not an april fool, we promise).

use code: NOTAFOOL24 at checkout, to get 10% discount across our store (excludes bundles)