New Fibreglass with Soft Grip Pro

The Wide Boyz volumes incorporate dual texture and dual density to give ultimate comfort and
jamming experience. You won’t place a jam quite like this one anywhere else in the world.

Crack Volumes

6 Crack Units

£1500 (exc vat)

Crack Left x 2

Crack Right x 2

Crack Centre x 2

6 units in total

2 Crack Centre Units

£510 (exc vat)

Crack Centre x 2

2 units in total

2 Crack End Units

£500(exc vat)

Crack Left x 1

Crack Right x 1

2 units in total

2 Crack Plates

£120 (exc vat)

L – 452 mm  H – 185 mm

X  D – 17 mm

2 units in total

Contact us for your Crack Volumes

 – For ordering crack volumes email us at info@wideboyz.com

 – Current available colours : Black [00-E-53] | White [337 General White] | Red [RAL 3028] | Green [RAL 6018] | Yellow [10-E-55]

 – We ship world wide and shipping quotes are calculated on order request

 – All shipments are made direct to the customer from the UK

Description & Information

About Soft Grip Pro

Soft Grip Pro (SGP) inner jamming surface. SGP is a material specifically shaped and designed for a more comfortable jamming experience. The density is soft to prevent pressure wounds and finely textured to give grip whilst climbing yet won’t burn or rip your hands if slipping. The surface is ergonomically shaped to fit the climbers knuckles and fingers in all the different jamming positions. SGP enables the climber to climb freely without having to use tape or gloves.