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New Fibreglass Cracks with Soft Grip Pro

Bringing dual density volumes to the climbing world

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The Wide Boyz

Back in 2009, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker made it their mission to climb the world’s hardest offwidth cracks. Establishing ‘the worlds hardest offwidth’ Century Crack followed, and the name of ‘The Wide Boyz’ stuck.

Tom and Pete have since gone on to establish and repeat many of the worlds hardest crack climbs in all different widths, sizes, lengths and brutalities, gaining great knowledge and experience in this form of climbing.

The Business

The idea of a Wide Boyz business grew from the crack climbing courses that Tom and Pete ran at indoor walls to pass on their crack climbing knowledge. Since then, they have been on a mission to bring the art and enjoyment of crack climbing into the indoor world of modern climbing gyms!

The Cracks – Soft Grip Technology

Soft grip on the volumes has been invented to minimise pain and maximise your time for jamming practice. The volume surface has a blend of materials which is cushioned to prevent pressure wounds, soft against the skin to stop abrasion, yet grippy for perfect jamming friction. You won’t feel a jam quite like this one anywhere else in the world.


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