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Our unique Soft Grip lining material is great for your own home cracks, cracks in the climbing gym, pull up bars or any feature that needs grip and comfort. sticky backed so no need for glue.
Comes in 200cm x 22cm lengths which you can easily cut and shape to your preference.

For best performance:

  • Cover the whole jamming area
  • Match any cuts together with limited or no gaps.
  • Encase the top edge of Soft Grip, or inset the top edge of Soft Grip to minimise catching it with hands and feet (see our tutorial in the video below)
  • Once stuck in place do not remove, as this will damage the Grip.


  • Use standard bouldering brushes.
  • For a thorough clean to make as good as new, wipe down with a damp cloth.


  • Use only with rock shoes
  • Practice and train with a mixture of tape gloves (or crack gloves) and bare hands.
  • Always stop using before hands and feet become sore
  • A great tip for maximising soft grip across a given area; Cut and place in shorter sections only where your body parts are likely to be jammed.

More details:

  • Dimensions – Length 2000mm x height 220mm x depth 1.2mm
  • This item is the outer face lining of the Soft Grip Technology (SGT) used in our Crack Volumes. Full SGT can only be found in those products.

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17 reviews for Soft Grip

  1. Steven H. (verified owner)

    Went onto my home woody, feels nice.

  2. Flavia (verified owner)

  3. Jamie A. (verified owner)

    Great product

  4. Steven R. (verified owner)

  5. Daniel Groz (verified owner)

    Good function, high price, sticks well, but still the edges tend to loosen at climbing practise

  6. Torin (verified owner)

    Perfect, pure jamming heaven.

  7. Mathias Willerup (verified owner)


  8. billy (verified owner)

  9. Oliver (verified owner)

    Haven’t fitted yet but the quality seems good. Possibly on the pricey end for what it is. Maybe offer in a smaller size as well.

  10. Sam van de Vorstenbosch (verified owner)

  11. Jeremy Mccormick (verified owner)

  12. Rafael (verified owner)

  13. Max (verified owner)

  14. Peter P. (verified owner)

  15. Dorian Gutowski (verified owner)

  16. Janick (verified owner)

    fantastic upgrade to our wooden crack! worth it! and the adhesive is surpringly good on the wood! thanks a alot!

  17. Vincent B. (verified owner)

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