Medium Crack Bundle

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A great bundle to get you started plus much more. Learn all the techniques, throw on a Wide Boyz T-shirt and wrap up well with Crack Gloves and Tape. Guaranteed to get you hooked on the good stuff.

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  • Crack Gloves

    The Crack Gloves that are built for crack climbing performance. Whatever grade you crack climb, the features and design of the glove will help your crack climbing experience,  by protecting your hand and helping you to climb harder. Detailed information in the description below
  • Da Vinci Hand Fist T-shirt

    100% organic cotton Davinci hand/fist stack T-shirt. Wide Boyz writing logo on front left breast and Davinci design on the back

  • Crack Climbing (Unsigned Copy)

    The ability to climb cracks is at the core of a climber’s craft. Crack Climbing by Pete Whittaker provides a single point of reference for all crack climbing techniques, regardless of the grade you climb. Pete is widely regarded as one of the best crack climbers in the world, having made dozens of cutting-edge first ascents and hard repeats, including the first ascent of Century Crack (5.14b) in Canyonlands, Utah. In this book, Pete has drawn on years of experience to demonstrate the many different techniques and to give you an understanding of when, why and how to use them. Develop these skills with confidence and your climbing standard will improve.

    The book is split into easily accessible sections on techniques for different widths of cracks, including finger cracks, hand and fist cracks, offwidth cracks and chimneys. Pete looks at the basics, including the hand jam – the essential technique in any crack climber’s repertoire – right through to advanced techniques such as the sidewinder and the trout tickler. Step-by-step practical information and how-tos are supplemented with tips and tricks from Pete alongside illustrations by Alex Poyzer and photographs. Additional chapters cover how to tape up, as well as essential gear and equipment. Pete has also interviewed some of the world’s top crack climbers so that you can learn from the best. Gain insights from Lynn HillAlex HonnoldBarbara ZangerlPeter Croft and more. Master the craft and advance your climbing. It’s time to jam!

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